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More Than Just a Night Out

Back in the day, the tradition of drinking and eating establishments were to foster community and connect people across generations. Well Bradley Billiard Club is no different. With our hand-crafted delicious cocktails and spirits, as well as our casual and friendly atmosphere, we’ve proved again and again that we are the greatest Bar in Bradley IL.

Come on out and have a drink with one of the owners or even challenge them to a fun game of pool! We have 16 tables to choose from 14, 7' and 2, 9' for those like a challenge. Our newly created Dart room houses 4 Tournament ready boards with games and more to learn the game. And Because one of the owners is a nerd we also have 6 Pinball Machines that are online so you can compete with people nation wide! 

Our Food is also not your normal Bar food we scoured the lands for the best tasting ingredients and then concocted some truly amazing meals to fill your belly!

All in we are determined to lift up the pool community in the area by supplying a family friendly location. Where everyone can feel safe and invited. 

Thank you and see you all soon!

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